Support ending on February 1, 2022

STARTING FEBRUARY 1, 20227 – VibesMedia will no longer service or support non-Wordpress websites.

For details and options on preventing service interruption, please see below.


The internet is an ever evolving form of communication made up of constantly changing technologies. In the beginning, websites were written in a single type of code and maintaining them required knowledge in a single language. 

Fast forward to today where the internet is comprised of several different softwares to run the estimated 1.7 billion websites in existence. Keeping your website’s software up to date is crucial to prevent security breaches and unexpected blackouts from occurring.  

Over the years, we have supported several types of software, but the constant evolution of these languages has made this task more difficult to execute well. We, at 7VibesMedia, knew we needed to narrow our focus so we could provide excellent service and website support. 

It’s with this vision that we have selected Wordpress as our software of choice moving forward. We have used Wordpress for many years and have watched it grow and develop into a versatile and secure platform to run various website types, including ecommerce sites. In fact, Wordpress is currently used to run almost 40% of websites on the internet! 

Focusing on Wordpress development will result in faster service requests, save our clients money with more economical upkeep and offer a greater variety of features and integrations. Wordpress is also the king of connecting with search engines and social media platforms.


If your website is currently using Wordpress, your service & support will not be interrupted. 

If your website is not using Wordpress, connect with us to learn more about how Wordpress can be integrated into your current website. Is it time for a redesign? Now’s the perfect opportunity to refresh your website and save money. 

If you choose not to integrate Wordpress into your website, your service and support will end on February 1, 2022. This means all updates and technical issues must be resolved by you or an alternative developer. Hosting services with 7VibesMedia will continue.

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